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Prostate cancer is not one illness

Prostate cancer is an umbrella term covering a broad range of conditions ranging from totally innocuous to seriously life-threatening. Encompassing such a wide spectrum, treatment must be selected judiciously and personalized according to the unique profile of each individual.


Most men over age 40 are already host to some type of prostate cancer but don’t know it. Autopsy studies of men dying from unrelated causes show that the likelihood of harboring prostate cancer is the same as putting a percentage sign after his age. Read more »

Normal PSA

Abnormal PSA


The power of a single word—CANCER—can’t be underestimated. Its deadliness is famous. Often patients have previous experiences with cancer striking a friend or family member. Read more »


Locally Advanced



Over 60,000 men relapse after surgery or radiation each year. With other types of cancer, colon or lung for example, relapse is detected when a scan shows metastases. Read more »

Positive Margins

Local Relapse After

PSA Relapse

Hormone Refractory

Bone Metastasis

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Principles of Treatment
  • • The goal is survival, with a good quality of life.
  • • Quality of life priorities are always personal.
  • • Personalized care comes through patient education.